José Aldo

José Aldo joins Team Stake, adding another UFC Champion to our plethora of MMA stars.

Huge Splash

We made a huge splash by becoming the first Official Betting Partner of UFC in Brazil, so it was only right to bring on board a Brazilian ambassador, and who better than the legendary José Aldo? The former Featherweight Champion has enjoyed a career spanning more than fifteen years, and his star still shines brightly as he continues to draw the crowds for his matches.

Millions of Followers

Hailing from Manaus, Aldo has fought in some of the greatest UFC events of all time and has acquired millions of followers from around the world. In 2021 he won both of his fights, so who would rule out another title shot this year. We can’t wait to be part of the journey and see the fireworks unleashed by our man.

José Aldo
José Aldo

Biggest and Best

At Stake we want to work with the biggest and best names in the world of sport, so it was a simple decision when the opportunity was presented to work with José Aldo, a legend of the sport and loved by UFC fans. He has built a legacy that we can all aspire to.

What can you expect?

We want to welcome Aldo’s millions of fans to our community-based social casino platform and social media channels. We will be providing exclusive content, and VIP experiences for our ever-growing player base.