How to Play Roulette

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How to Play Roulette - Rules & How to Win Playing Roulette

Roulette is a game with a rich history, and it has been enjoyed in casinos for hundreds of years. Today, you can play different types of roulette at, one of the world’s leading online social casinos.

Read on to learn how to play online roulette games and how to get started with table games at Stake social casino .

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a game with European origins, named after the French word for “little wheel.” You can predict several possible outcomes at the roulette table, including numbers, colors, and sections.

The dealer then spins the wheel, and if the ball lands according to the prediction you have made, you win. There are several variations of roulette, including American roulette games, European roulette games, and even double-ball roulette.

How Do You Play Roulette?

Taking a seat at the roulette table is easy when you know how. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get started with roulette at :

  1. Step 1: Create an account on and verify your details.

  2. Step 2: Consider your options. There are different types of Roulette games to play on our platform, including live dealer roulette such as Auto Roulette  and Live Roulette by Beter Live , or our own exclusive Live Roulette . We also offer classic Roulette by Pragmatic Play .

  3. Step 3: Make your play. There are various types of plays in roulette (inside & outside) to consider, including single-number, odd/even and color. Decide which type of play you would like to make and choose your place on the board accordingly.

  4. Step 4: Claim your prize. As soon as the wheel stops spinning and you have made winning selections, you can claim. Alternatively, you can play again and keep the action going!

How Do You Win at Roulette?

Winning at roulette is all about correctly predicting where the ball will land after the wheel has been spun. Each play also has different odds associated with the outcome, given that some outcomes are more likely than others when the wheel stops spinning.

Basic Rules of Roulette

The basic rules of roulette are simple, but you need to understand the options, house edge, and possible outcomes and roulette odds associated with each of them. Here’s what you can play on at a standard roulette table and the odds of each outcome:


  • Red/Black (1:1)

  • Odd/Even (1:1)

  • High/Low (1:1)

  • Columns (2:1)

  • Dozens (2:1)


  • Straight up – any number (35:1)

  • Split – a line that separates two numbers (17:1)

  • Street – a row of three numbers (11:1)

  • Corner – one of four numbers in a mini-grid (8:1)

  • Line – two rows of three numbers on the outer edge (5:1)

  • Five-number – a group of numbers (6:1)

It’s entirely up to you what you choose to play before the wheel is spun. You can also decide on how much to you want to play per spin of the wheel, as long as it is between the minimum and maximum permitted per the game’s rules.

As soon as you have placed your predictions, the wheel spins, and if the ball lands favorably, you will be win according to the odds introduced above.

Understanding the Roulette Wheel & Table Layout

A standard European roulette wheel has 37 pockets, numbered from 1-36, red and black, with one space for a green zero (often known as a single-zero wheel). On an American roulette wheel, there are 38 pockets, as there is an additional space for a green slot with a double zero.

Next to the wheel is the roulette table, where you place your predictions. You will see every number you can play on, as well as the possible sections and various inside and outside bets.

When playing online roulette, you only need to click the respective part of the roulette table in front of you to place your predictions. Of course, you need to adjust your amount before making your selections, but placing your roulette predictions is really straightforward.

Types of Roulette Variants

Roulette is one of the best casino games and is much loved by fans of classic table games . You can also enjoy live roulette as part of our live dealer offering for an immersive and enjoyable table game experience, with real dealers in real time.

At, you will find European and American roulette as standard and a range of exciting titles from providers.

If you’re just getting started with roulette, it makes sense to stick to the American or European version of the game, but feel free to crank things up a notch as soon as you develop a roulette betting strategy and become a more experienced player.

Roulette Strategies, Tips & Tricks

Keen to get started with roulette at Use these tips to guide you:

  • Roulette is a game of luck! Predicting where the wheel will stop spinning is impossible, so bear this in mind when developing your strategy.

  • If you want to be methodical about playing roulette, you can consider employing the Martingale Strategy to help you, as it can help you channel your selections and work through the game with a specific strategy. But again, as a game of luck, these strategies will only help to make a prediction and will not guarantee a win.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re now all set and ready to play roulette and more popular social casino games for free at! Best of luck, and we hope the wheel spins in your favor.