Stake VIP Program Explained: How to Join, VIP Levels & Rewards

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Thousands of customers are part of the Stake VIP program, earning exclusive rewards and promotions to enhance their online gaming experience. Keen to join them? Find out everything you need to know about the VIP club and how to join to take advantage of the best loyalty scheme in the online social casino industry.

What is the VIP Program on

The VIP program at is open to regular players who want to earn exclusive bonuses and rewards while playing at our online social casino.

You can enroll by creating an account at and playing our free online social casino games. The more you play, the more points you acquire. Each VIP level has its own game play requirements, as shown below:

  • Bronze: 10,000

  • Silver & Gold: 50,000 / 100,000

  • Platinum I, II, & III: 250,000 / 500,000 / 1,000,000

  • Platinum IV, V & VI: 2,500,000 / 5,000,000 / 10,000,000

  • Diamond I, II, III & IV: 25,000,000 / 50,000,000 / 100,000,000 / 250,000,000

  • Diamond V: 500,000,000

  • Obsidian: 1,000,000,000

How Do You Become a VIP?

Qualifying for Stake’s online social casino VIP program is straightforward. All you need to do to access a wide range of VIP benefits is create a free account at and meet the game play requirements. As you pass each threshold, you will move to the next level on the loyalty ladder and have the opportunity to unlock more rewards and social casino bonuses.

Who Can Be a VIP?

Anyone can become a VIP at However, to qualify for the program, you must meet the initial game play requirements of 10,000 to be invited into the bronze loyalty program. From there, you can move through the levels and unlock the best VIP rewards we offer our loyal customers.

What Does a VIP Do on

When granted VIP status at, you can benefit from a range of exclusive promotions, reload bonuses, and bonus codes to use on our social casino games.

You also benefit from enhanced support from a dedicated VIP host when you reach a certain Platinum level and can experience the very best that has to offer.

What Benefits & Rewards Do Stake VIPs Get?

The Stake VIP program is one of the very best in the business, with VIP players able to access a broad spectrum of features, including weekly boosts, rakeback, and monthly bonuses, all of which you can use to improve your winning chances when you play games on our platform.

What is Rakeback?

As soon as you make it to the bronze level of the VIP program, you receive rakeback. This is basically units back every time you play a social casino game, whether you win or lose. The rakeback is calculated for each game you play and is returned to you as a percentage.

What is a Reload?

You can access the reload bonus as a Platinum-level VIP member. This is a daily bonus and is calculated based on the amount that you have played over the course of the past 7-42 days. This range will depend on the VIP level. For example, Platinum III members can receive a reload period of 42 days.

What Are The Weekly Bonuses & How Do You Enter Them?

At the bronze level, you can access a weekly bonus (boosts) to use when you play. Again, this is calculated based on your expenditure over the past seven days, as well as your VIP level. The boost is issued each week at 12.30 pm GMT on Saturday. It is posted in the Stake Telegram VIP group , so you must ensure you’re in the channel to access your weekly boost. also offers a weekly giveaway, and you can secure your entry by playing with at least 1,000 Stake Coins on social casino games. Find out more about the weekly giveaway . Also be sure to check out all our other competitions and giveaways , available for all players!

Does Stake Have a Welcome Bonus?

Yes, does have a welcome bonus via a redemption code system. You can enter the affiliate referral code of the most recent offer in your account within 24 hours of signing up to take advantage of the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus.

How to Make VIP Progress?

One of the reasons that the VIP program is so popular is that it’s really straightforward to understand, and moving up through the levels is related directly to how much you play.

To level up, you can enjoy live dealer games , table games , slots , scratch cards , Stake Originals , and every other game at the Stake social casino.

Be sure to check out our newest games and read our how-to guides to get the most out of your online social casino experience.

What Rewards Do You Get When You Level Up?

The awards and promotions offered when you level up vary and depend on the new level that you have reached. You can contact customer support or contact your VIP host to discuss the level-up bonuses, promotions and rewards with the VIP program.

How to Claim Your VIP Bonus on Stake?

Claiming your VIP bonus couldn’t be easier at Most offers will be automatically added to your account, and others will be shared in the VIP Telegram group with all the relevant codes and T’s and C’s. We’ve made our VIP program as simple as possible to understand to help you make the most out of playing on our platform.

What is a Stake VIP Host & What do They do?

When you reach a particular Platinum VIP level of the Stake VIP program, you will be assigned a dedicated VIP host available to serve your every need while you play online. Not only does your host help resolve any issues you face, they are there to help you maximize bonuses and promotions to ensure that you’re getting the absolute most out of your online experience.

Learn more about what a Stake VIP Host can do for you with our guide .

Why Become a VIP on Stake?

There are so many reasons why you should join the VIP loyalty program at The ability to access exclusive rewards and amazing benefits is perhaps the most significant advantage, offering you the chance to win rewards every time you play on our social casino.

To get started, refer to our social casino guide , as it provides the steps and all the tips you need to navigate and play all the best online games!

Want to learn more about the VIP program? Read up on our Stake VIP FAQs and hopefully we can answer all your questions! You can also reach out to our friendly customer support team , who are here to help.