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Stake VIP Club - Frequently Asked Questions has an industry-leading VIP program bursting with fantastic member benefits. If you haven’t yet joined our exclusive loyalty program, you’re missing out on some juicy perks while playing your favorite online social casino games.

Here, we answer all your questions about Stake VIP membership so you can discover the wonders of being a member and the fantastic VIP benefits and rewards you can enjoy at Stake social casino .

What is Stake's VIP Program?

The Stake VIP Club is open to all regular customers looking to earn exclusive rewards to enhance their online social casino experience, potentially boosting their wins.

Our VIP Club is a tiered membership program that you can join by playing our wide range of online games. The more you play, the more points you acquire, with each level offering better rewards and exclusive benefits.

There are 15 levels, from Bronze to Obsidian, each with its own requirements and unique rewards. Bronze level membership requires a 10k gameplay amount to join and entitles members to a range of bonuses, including level-up bonuses and exclusive rakeback offers.

When you level up enough, you can receive your very own dedicated VIP Host. Check out our VIP Host guide to learn more about the exclusive perks of having a VIP Host.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the monthly bonus be out?

The monthly bonus is available exclusively to all Stake VIP members and is delivered to your email inbox around the middle of each month. There is no set release date for monthly bonuses, so it's advisable to keep an eye on your inbox.

Be sure our emails don’t end up in your junk folder, as you do not want to miss out on these regular bonuses!

2. Is there any annual/yearly bonus offered on Stake?

We don’t offer generic annual bonuses to our Stake VIPs; instead, we create bespoke bonuses to suit your personal online gaming activity. You can learn more with about these with our exclusive VIP rewards and bonuses article .

We value our customers and want you to get the most out of your VIP experience, so we will always try to provide you with the best flexible bonuses to suit your needs. We will reward active players based on your recent activity, regardless of whether you’re winning or losing.

3. How are the reload amounts calculated?

Reload bonuses are a fantastic way of earning rewards throughout the year. We calculate our reload bonuses based on your recent gameplay and consider the various aspects of your playing activity, including your playing amounts and what you've won.

How long your reloads are valid depends on your VIP level, so it's worth working your way up the ranks to enjoy even more valuable rewards just for playing your favorite slots , table games , and more right here at

4. Why don’t I receive emails from the marketing team?

Are you wondering why you aren’t receiving your Stake marketing emails? This is most likely down to one of two factors:

First, depending on your email settings, our emails might be getting filtered into your junk folder. Be sure to save our email address as a safe sender to ensure emails are delivered to your inbox.

Secondly, your email preference settings on our website might need updating. You can update your preferences in your account settings. Simply scroll down to the Marketing section and make sure you’ve got the Receive Email Communication setting switched on.

If this doesn’t fix it, you can contact our customer support team or your VIP Host for further assistance.

5. How can I join Stake's official Telegram channels?

Don’t want to miss out on any of the exciting announcements from Stake social casino? Then, join our Telegram channel to keep updated with the latest information and news from

VIP players can also join our exclusive Stake VIP Telegram channel. You will receive a personal invitation to join once you reach the bronze VIP level.

6. Why am I not able to claim the bonus drops?

You may be unable to claim bonus drops as they have requirements to qualify, and you must be eligible to claim the offer.

In addition, bonus drops are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, as there is only a limited number available—yet another reason you should join and keep an eye on the official Stake Telegram channel.

7. How are the weekly bonus amounts calculated?

The Stake weekly bonus is an exclusive reward for VIPs who have reached the bronze VIP level or above. As with monthly bonuses, weekly bonus amounts are calculated based on your recent gameplay and activity, factors in the amount you have played, and your winnings in the past 7 days.

8. How are the monthly bonus amounts calculated?

Monthly VIP bonuses are lucrative bonuses that can be enjoyed by our Stake VIPs and are calculated by taking your recent playing and winning activity over the past month. At Stake social casino, we reward our players for their loyalty, so the more you play, the better your monthly bonus will be.

9. What are gameplay bonuses, and how do they work?

Gameplay bonuses are exclusive to players with a dedicated VIP Host and can be requested directly from them. Your host will analyze your account activity to assess your bonus eligibility. Your gameplay bonuses are determined by the significance of your gameplay activity, factoring in both gameplay and luck.

10. How can I become a Stake moderator?

At Stake social casino, we have a very active Stake Community where our players interact and discuss strategies, challenges, and more. Community Moderators are an important part of our online community and help to lead and moderate discussions in the forum.

If you’d like to become a Stake Community Moderator, keep an eye on the Stake Community Forum , as that is where all job openings will be posted.

11. How are the weekly giveaway (Raffle) winners selected?

You can collect raffle tickets for the weekly giveaway through the week by playing your favorite games at Stake social casino.

Weekly raffle winners are selected randomly and announced each week on Ed’s Weekly Kick Live Steam . Don’t worry if you cannot tune in each week, as our friendly support team contacts all our lucky winners personally.

We're answering your questions about reloads, gameplay bonuses, weekly raffles & more! Find out everything you need to know about joining and being a part of Stake's exclusive VIP Club!