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Wild Symbols in Slot Games – The Ultimate Guide to Wild Symbols

Slot games boast multiple symbols and special features to make the game exciting for players. The wild is one of the most seen types of special symbols in slots. But what exactly does a wild symbol do? How does it contribute to wins? And what are some of the best games with wild symbols at Stake social casino ?

Here, we run through everything you need to know about wild symbols in slots and introduce you to some of the newest games with an abundant of bonus symbols available at Stake.us .

What are Wild Symbols in Slot Machines?

In slot machines, wild symbols can help you form winning combinations. In most slot games, wild symbols can substitute for all regular symbols to create a winning combo.

So, for instance, in a gem-themed slot game , you could land two blue gems and one wild, rather than three blue gems, to win.

Wilds are also often among the most valuable symbols in the game, offering big wins when three to five of them land on a line. They also have special features, like adding multipliers to the grid or shifting between spins from one position to another.

How do Wild Symbols Work?

Wild symbols randomly land on the game grid, as with all symbols in a slot game. When they help form a winning line, you earn a win according to the game’s table.

Some slots restrict the number of reels wilds can land on, while others only use wilds in bonus games like free spins rounds . Wild symbols often land and substitute for all other regular symbols. This excludes other bonus symbols like scatter symbols and jackpot symbols. You should always read the game description to learn about the role of the wilds in the slot game in question.

Types of Wild Symbols

Though wilds feature in many slot games, they’re not all the same, and they often play different roles when they land on the reels. Among our most popular games, you will find the following types of wild symbols:

  • Sticky wilds: Sticky wilds remain in place on the reels for more than one spin.

  • Expanding wilds: Expanding wilds increase their presence on the reels by covering more than one section of the game grid.

  • Stacked wilds: Stacked wilds fall on top of one another on the same reel to form multiple winning ways.

  • Multiplying wilds: Multiplying wilds add a multiplier of the amount played to any wins that the wild is a part of when it lands on the grid.

  • Grouped wilds: Grouped wilds occupy multiple positions on the grid and remain sticky for more than one spin.

  • Duplicating wilds: Duplicating wilds (or replicating wilds) can turn other regular symbols on the grid into wilds when they land.

  • Shifting wilds: Shifting wilds can move across the game grid during a feature. They may also leave a trail of wilds in their path.

  • Overlay wilds: Overlay wilds land on top of regular symbols in a slot game and typically form a specific pattern or shape on the game grid.

  • Random wilds: Random wilds can land at any time on the game grid without a specific trigger.

Best Slots with Wild Features at Stake Casino

The best games from leading software providers at our online social casino have wild symbols, offering you the chance to form winning combos right across the base game grid.

For instance, Pragmatic Play’s Greek-empire slot game Zeus vs. Hades: Gods of War , has expanding wilds, which can fill an entire reel and deliver multipliers up to 100x the amount played.

Hacksaw Gaming’s fruit-themed slot game Dork Unit serves up sticky wilds, which remain in place on the reels while three re-spins offer instant wins with multipliers.

You can also benefit from the wild lion symbol in Twist Gaming’s animal-themed slot game, Wild Savannah , which appears right across the game grid to contribute to winning combinations.

Be sure to also check out Stake Exclusive and Stake Original slot games for a range of excellent games with wilds, big wins, and high entertainment.

Wild Symbols Slot Strategies & Tips to Win

Slots are games of chance, and you can win or lose each time you spin the reels. That being said, the following tips will help to improve your enjoyment of the best slots at Stake.us and may even deliver some impressive rewards:

  • If you want to land a game’s biggest wins, consider slots that offer a feature spin options . These slot games provide you instant access to a game’s bonus rounds, which is where most big wins land.

  • Use our how-to guides as a reference when you’re playing slots. Specifically, read up on how to play slots and discover the various types of slot machine symbols to increase your enjoyment of these games.

  • Mix things up by playing slots with different lines and gameplay mechanisms, including cascading reels and Megaways slots .

  • Always check a game’s volatility before playing. Low-volatility games win in smaller amounts more frequently, while high-volatility games deliver higher wins less frequently. Medium volatility games are somewhere in between.

Odds, House Edge & Return to Player (RTP)

It’s always important to check the house edge built into any slot game before playing. This is given as a return to player percentage (RTP) in most games. A game’s RTP indicates how much the game typically wins on average, and the higher the RTP, the better and more entertaining it is for players.

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Before playing slots at Stake.us, take a look at the current promotions available for all new and existing players.

We also offer exclusive benefits and outstanding bonuses as part of the Stake VIP Club , which is the best way to unlock ongoing promotions as you play upcoming and current games on our online social casino.