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How to Play Slide on Stake Social Casino - Strategy & Guide

Slide is one of our most popular Stake Originals online games, delivering an engaging, easy-to-follow multiplayer experience. Sharing similar gameplay mechanics with the Stake Originals title Limbo , this excellent game offers a staggering 4,294,967,000x maximum win potential.

Slide is just one of the many fan-favorite social casino games in our fantastic catalogue of Stake Originals titles. Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the popular Slide title and how to play it right here for free at .

What are the basics of Slide?

Slide is a simple game with straightforward rules and basic controls. If you’re a new player to Stake social casino , our Stake Originals games are a great place to start. You can find out more about how to play online casino games using our handy how-to guides , including our ultimate guide to online social casinos .

The objective of this fun game is to bet on a multiplier value you think the round will land equal to or greater. If you are successful, you’re awarded based on your selected target multiplier. Simple!

There are 2 aspects of the gameplay that you need to consider when playing Slide – your played amount and your chosen target multiplier. Remember, if you go too low on the multiplier, your win will be low, but if you go too high, the game might crash out before it reaches your multiplier, and you’ll walk away with nothing. It’s all about finding that sweet spot to hit those lucrative rewards, making Slide the ideal game for people looking for extra excitement.

How to Play Slide on

When you launch the Slide game, you’ll be presented with a screen split into two sections: the playing station and the game view. The game consists of several cards, each displaying a multiplier value that spins across the screen behind a pointer. When the slide stops spinning, the round outcome is whichever multiplier the pointer value lands on.

The station is split between manual and auto play functions. On the manual side, you must select your playing size and target multiplier for each round and remember to hit the bet button to join the game.

If you toggle to the auto play side, you can set the above and decide whether you want to auto-spin a specific number of plays, stop on win or loss percentage, etc.

The target multiplier values range from 1.01x to 4,294,967,000x, which makes for some seriously profitable win potential.

Slide Game Mechanics

This multiplier game uses results generated slightly differently from single-player Stake Original games as it can feed from the many players involved. It’s a complicated mathematical model to produce a provably fair gameplay experience for our players.

Our Stake Originals titles use a random number generator algorithm (RNG technology) to ensure every game outcome is completely random and fair for each player.

What are the Advanced Features & Strategies of Slide?

The Slide social casino game includes several advanced features to tailor your gameplay experience to suit your needs.

As discussed above, the game’s auto mode allows you to predetermine the parameters within which you wish to play and then set the game to auto-play, so you don’t have to keep pressing buttons and potentially missing rounds.

If you’re familiar with other Stake Originals titles, you’ll be familiar with the options presented when you toggle onto the auto mode station. First, select how much you would like to play on each round and your target multiplier as per standard play, and then you can choose whether to play for a specific number of spins until you’ve reached a specified win or loss or once a win or loss percentage is hit.

The game’s hotkeys feature will again be familiar to previous Stake Originals players. When playing on your desktop computer or laptop, you can use your keyboard to perform certain tasks and give that mouse hand a break.

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