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Beginners Poker Guide & Poker Tips

Keen to play online poker at ? Read our beginner guide to learn how to play this classic game and discover the different types of poker games you will find at our online social casino and discover why we're the top choice for poker players.

History of Poker

The origins of poker can be traced back to the early 1800s in the United States, initially with just 20 cards in the deck. It wasn’t until the American Civil War that other poker variants were added, including five-card poker.

Throughout the 20th century, poker became more popular, and the World Series of Poker was established in 1970 to organize elite-level poker games.

With the Internet boom in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, online poker became available to players in different parts of the world. As a result, online poker rooms were created, and game providers launched poker-specific games for casino fans to enjoy at virtual poker tables.

Today, you can find practically every poker variation available online on popular poker sites, from classic 5-card Texas Hold’em to exciting video poker titles and online poker tournaments. If you’re a poker fan, you’ll find a good selection of titles on our online poker site.

What is Online Poker?

Online poker is the virtual version of the legendary card game that has been played for centuries. You can play many variations of poker online, including Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and Omaha.

As well as the classic table games , you can also enjoy variants like video poker , a fast-paced and fun-filled game perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. Read on to find out more about the online poker options for the ultimate poker experience at

How Does Online Poker Work?

Poker is extremely popular online because there are many varieties available and ample opportunities for recreational players and more experienced poker players alike.

Overall, in-person and online poker games share similar principles, with poker chips and community cards. The key thing to remember with online poker is that every game has its own rules. For instance, Texas Hold’em is different from Caribbean Stud. However, the aim of practically every poker game is the same: to have a higher-ranking hand than your opponents.

Therefore, to play online poker, you need to understand how to play and what the best poker hands are, as we explain below.

How to Play Poker Online

To play online poker, first decide which type of poker game you want to play. At, you can enjoy popular games like Stake Originals Video Poker and or take a seat at our virtual Poker Tournament style game.

The next thing is to decide how much to play. Each poker game has limits, and you can play as little or as much as you like, provided that your amount is within the range permitted by the game in question.

After placing a qualifying amount, the cards are dealt, and your job is to make the best possible poker hand. In video poker titles at, you only need to form a winning poker hand for a win, and you don’t need to worry about what other players have in their hands.

Basic Poker Rules

As mentioned, several variations of online poker are available, each with its own rules. That being said, there are some key terms and rules that feature in most online poker games that you need to be aware of:

  • Blinds or Antes – These are mandatory plays that players must make to join a game (this does not apply to video poker games).

  • Fold/Play/Raise – For each hand, you must decide whether to fold, play or raise. If you fold, you leave the game. A play sees you match the required chance to stay in the game, while a raise is where you raise the stakes to increase the amount.

  • Limits – Some poker tables have limits that are made clear before the start of the game.

One of the reasons that video poker is so popular at is that you can focus on forming a strong hand with the cards you’re dealt, as we explain below.

What are Winning Poker Hands? - Poker Hand Rankings

In practically all poker variations, the following poker hand rankings can earn you a win at the table (in order from worst to best):

  • Pair – two cards of the same rank (e.g. 2x 10s)

  • Jacks or better – a pair of Js, Qs, Ks, or As

  • Two pairs – two cards of one rank alongside two cards of another (e.g. 10, 10, 4, 4)

  • Three of a kind – three cards of the same rank (e.g. 3x 7s)

  • Straight – five cards in a sequence, not suited (e.g. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

  • Flush – any five cards in the same suit, not in sequence (e.g. J, 10, 4, 5, 8 of spades)

  • Full house – three of a kind and a pair (e.g. 10, 10, 4, 4, 4)

  • Four of a kind – four cards of the same rank (e.g. 10, 10, 10, 10)

  • Straight flush – five cards in sequence, suited (e.g. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of hearts)

  • Royal flush – A, K, Q, J, 10 in a sequence, suited

What are the Types of Poker?

There are lots of variations of poker, including Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Omaha, 3-card, 5-card, and 7-card Poker, Video Poker.

At, we offer the following types of poker games:

  • Texas Hold'em: The object of the game is for players to form a five-card poker hand that ranks higher than the other players’ five-card poker hands. Each player may use any combination of the two cards initially dealt to them at the beginning of the game, referred to as “hole” cards, and the five cards dealt on the table throughout the course of the game, referred to as “community” cards or “board” cards. They may play the board by using no hole cards and using the five community cards, to make the highest ranking five-card poker hand.

  • Omaha: The rules of Omaha are very similar to the Texas Hold’em rules. The only difference is that every player receives four cards face down (the ‘hole cards’) and has to pick exactly two of his four hole cards and three of the five community cards to make his or her best five card hand.

How to Win When Playing Live Social Poker on

If playing Texas Hold'em, players may use any combination of the two hole cards initially dealt to them at the beginning of the game and the five community cards turned over throughout the course of the game, or they may use the five community cards and no hole cards to make the highest ranking five-card poker hand. Whereas in Omaha players must choose two to be used in combination with three of the five community cards to build their five-card poker hands.

The following shall apply for determining which player wins the pot:

  • The pot shall be awarded to the player with the highest ranking five-card poker hand, according to the hand and card rankings shown above. All other players shall lose.

  • In the event that more than one player has the highest ranked hand, the pot shall be split equally among all players with the winning hand.

  • In the instance that there are an odd number of chips, the odd chips shall be awarded to the player closest to the left of the dealer button.

Live Poker vs. Video Poker

Live poker (played online or in-person) are live dealer games where you play a game directly against other players. So, you might sit at a table to play a Texas Hold’em game against eight other players in a casino or poker room. You need to establish a higher-ranking poker hand than your opponents to win a hand – or force them all to fold.

In video poker, you don’t play against other people. All you need to do is create the best possible poker hand with the cards you’re dealt. You have one opportunity to change one or all your cards, and if your hand ranks, you’re awarded a pre-determined win.

Online Poker Strategies, Tips & Tricks to Win

Keen to win while playing poker online at Here are some top tips to help you with your poker strategy:

  • Our how-to guides are filled with helpful tips and information. Learn how to play live dealer games , or discover our general online social casino guide to help get you started on our platform.

  • Online poker games at are available to play for free, so take a seat at our virtual table and have a go playing against other keen poker players to help get the hang of the gameplay.

  • While you don’t need to be an expert in playing poker, it does help if you understand how poker hands rank.

  • Having emotional control is a key element to playing poker, so whether you have an advanced poker strategy, or consider yourself a weak player, try to keep your emotions out of the equation and focus on the game at hand.

  • As well as poker, you can enjoy other games on our platform. This will help you get used to online social casino gaming and help develop your gaming strategies. Keep an eye on our new releases and latest bonuses to add to the excitement when playing games such as slot machines , scratch card games , and so much more.

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Before playing poker online at, discover the current offers and promotions you can use to add the your gameplay. You can also join the Stake VIP program to unlock exclusive benefits while playing your favorite online social casino games.