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Poker Slang Terms & What They Mean - Poker Glossary

It’s hard to find a social casino game more iconic than poker and has been the backbone of gaming for centuries with live poker tournaments taking place all over the world! While even the most casual of table game players will have a decent idea of what the game of poker entails, it’s a pastime with plenty of slang and technical terms that a layman might not be able to fully wrap their head around. So we’ve decided to break down the terminology you might find when sitting at a virtual poker table at

What Are Some Popular Poker Phrases and Terminology?

As a player, do you know your pocket pair from your pair of aces? If you find yourself struggling to work out why you would need a river card for a game played on land, this list will give you the knowledge to confidently play with friends or online here at Stake Social Casino.  Here’s our rundown of some of the key phrases and terminology to keep in mind when settling in for a game of poker from our catalogue , including slang and official terms.

Angle Shooting

This one could be seen as being a little on the naughty side. Shooting the angle or angle shooting is when a player makes the most of underhand tactics against their opponents to get ahead. Think of those players who are trying to get into your head by pretending to make mistakes and taking the concept of bluffing a little too far.


In poker, the community cards that are used by players to make up their hands - that is, the cards that aren’t dished out to players and remain on the table - are commonly referred to as board cards or even just the board. This is where things like the river card and flop will be drawn from.


Now for one that might be a bit more intuitive no matter your level of experience as a poker player. Busting or being busted refers to being out of plays to continue the game. For example, if you’re playing a tournament and your stack of chips is gone, you’re busted and are dropping out of play. This is why it’s important to effectively plan your stack size when entering a tournament to avoid unnecessary busting.


When you’re playing with friends, this will usually refer to the player who has been selected to act as the dealer. In basic terms, this could be described as the dealer button. In a game against the house, the button represents the last player in a round. Players who take this position could be described as playing on the button. Being towards the end of a round of play is also often called the late positions.

Clicking Buttons

Think of an elderly family member the first time they got access to a computer. They probably had no idea what they were doing and spent their time trying to print off a video. The term clicking buttons has a similar origin. It originally referred to players who took part in online poker and made nonsense decisions, thought to be just clicking at random. It’s now even made its way to in-person games.


If you have ever played a game of poker, you might have experienced or at least witnessed a time when two players reached something of an impasse. When both players have strong hands and the game is balanced on a knife edge, with both likely to be putting all of their stack into the center of the table, you could describe it as a cooler.

Flush and Straight Draws

These are technically two separate terms but mean much the same. A straight draw refers to an occasion where a player has four of the cards that would make a five-card straight hand with the addition of either one or both of the hole cards or cards from the board. A flush draw is much the same but a player will have four of the cards for a flush hand.


It’s often said that everyone wants to be the main character nowadays and that’s no different in poker … to an extent. This term is more often found in discussions or training videos in which someone is reviewing their or another’s hand. The individual whose hand is being reviewed will be known as the hero.

On the Tilt / On Tilt

Poker players who find themselves experiencing the tilt are those who seem to have all the luck - only it’s all bad luck. If your competitors always seem to have strong hands and you’re sitting with a pair as your best, you’ll feel like you’re up against it and might start behaving in a more emotional, losing way.


If you find yourself playing a game of poker with people you maybe don’t know so well, you might experience an aggressive player who seems bullish with their choices and is extremely confident. It’s possible that they are, in fact, a shark. These are players who have bags of experience and look to take advantage of less certain opposition who maybe are a little newer to the game.


Playing any game against opponents can be frustrating. From the occasional instances of trash-talking to the inevitable gamesmanship and bluffing, there’s always something to get under the skin. In poker, though, time banking, or tanking, is something you might hear people complain about. It refers to a player who is delaying making a big decision, stretching their time out to its limits.


The final term on this list might be the most troublesome for a poker player. To whiff is to not be able to improve your hand on a draw. For example, if you just need one card to complete a flush and your draw doesn’t do that, you’ve whiffed. It’s a word that does sound suitably irritating.

Playing Online Poker at

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